Illumina Solexa Sequencing

Illumina/Solexa Next-generation Sequencing is based on massively parallel sequencing of millions of fragments using the proprietary reversible terminator-based sequencing chemistry. This novel sequencing technology, together with the Illumina Genome AnalyzerIIx, offers a highly robust, accurate, and scalable system that sets a new standard for productivity, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy among next-generation sequencing technologies.


This novel approach ensures high accuracy and true base-by-base sequencing, eliminating sequence-context specific errors and enabling sequencing through homopolymers and repetitive sequences. Importantly, this platform offers a wide range of applications including DNA sequencing, transcriptome analysis, and Gene Regulation Analysis. The pair-end technology allows the system to generate a total of > 33 Gb data per run.

TBC purchased the first Illumina/ Solexa Genome AnalyzerIIx in the Asia-Pacific area. With the extensive genomic research experience and the highly professional bioinformatics team, we offer our clients the best services.


Genome Analyzer IIx IPAR Server




  • (1) Whole Genome De novo Sequencing
  • (2) Transcriptome Sequencing
  • (3) Whole Genome Resequencing
  • (4) Small RNA Sequencing
  • (5) Metagenome Sequencing



  • Extremely high throughput, high accuracy, cost effective?
  • Average reading length: 50bp
  • Coverage: 100X ?
  • Bioinformatics solution by professionals